Therefore go and make disciples of all the nations
— Matthew 28:19

Words from an elementary school principle in Nairobi, Kenya, “Why would we waste book money on these kids?” This perspective is not uncommon in this part of the world. Often children with special needs are considered a burden or a curse. We at QJoy International believe that every person is made in the image of God and should be treated with dignity and respect. QJoy International strives to be a part of improving the quality of life for those with special needs, helping them to reach their full potential mentally, physically and spiritually.

QJoy is currently partnering with Tuleane Afrika in Nairobi, Kenya to help bring joy and value to children with disabilies in Kenya. Currently, QJoy sends its QJoy 2.0 team to put on week-long day camps for children with a wide-range of disabilities. These camps bring joy to the children, encouragement to the teachers and offer an opportunity to cast vision to typically functioning children of how Jesus views people with disabilities. QJoy hopes to continue be a part of shaping the perspective of the next generation of how to understand and be inclusive of their peers with disabilities. During the summer of 2015, QJoy sent its first team of college students to Nairobi and will continue to send summer teams to accomplish these goals.